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QUANTITATIVE SURVEYS (including project design, sampling, research method, questionnaire construction and reports and analysis preparation).

- Public opinion polls for Gallup International, European Commission, National and Local Governments, Presidential candidates, Political parties, USDS, USAID, IOM and others,
- Exit Poll in elections 2002,
- Consumption Habits and Practice: Usage and Attitudes surveys for water    consumption, PHARE,
- Households panel – products range: packaged foods, diary, meat, bread categories,
- Market penetration survey – Coca Cola company, Philips,
- Media Diary Panel – IREX,
- Early warning project – UNDP,
- Information Communication Technology for UNDP, USAID, Open Society,
- Market Segmentation Survey for TNS Hungary,
- Market Appliances Survey, DOXA Italy,
- Report for global Competitiveness for MCA and WEF,
- Socio-economic Impact assessment Survey for CSHI, USAID,
- Market Research for Schering,
- Market Research for Mobile telephony for MTS,
- South East European Social Survey Project for Faculty of Social Sciences University of Tromso, Norway,
- Real Estate Cadastre and Registration Project etc.

QUALITATIVE SURVEYS – “focus-groups” and „in-depth” interviews, including recruitment, creating moderator’s guide, moderating and writing reports.

- Product tests for Danone,
- Smoking habits and attitudes for TK,
- Ice-cream consumption and behavior for Cram International,
- Radio listening and program’s perception for BBC,
- Monitoring Panels of RFE and VOA audiences,
- Distribution-check for P&G,
- Interethnic relations for IRI,
- Implementation of Framework Agreement for NDI,
- Smokers habits for Imperial Tobacco,
- FIOOM – Perception of transaction costs of representatives of public sector and businesses, etc,
- Socio-political “focus-groups” on different topics and target groups for IRI (International Republican Institute) in Skopje.


TELEPHONE SURVEYS (including sample preparation, questionnaire design, reports and analysis).

- Socio-political surveys for local, parliamentarian and presidential elections,
- Water consumption for USAID,
- Local Government for DAI,
- Consumers habits for Podravka,
- Project awareness for MCA,
- Media habits, using the „DAY AFTER RECALL method “,
- Public opinion polls on the eve of Presidential, and Parliamentary and Local elections, etc,
- Telephone surveys for the Red Cross of Macedonia.

TELEPHONE (CATI) SURVEYS - In 2007, Brima developed its own “Call Center” for implementation of the CATI (computer assisted telephone Interview) telephone interviewing system utilizing licensed NIPO CATI software for conducting, i.e. have been conducted more surveys, such as:

- Customer satisfaction/ retention (TRI*M methodology) for telecommunication operators,
- International project (Desktop tracker for Microsoft),
- Brand awareness, brand position, (usage and habits) for TAC (producer),
- Socio-political surveys on different topics,
- Market research surveys (marketing surveys)



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